• You want your money to work for you and help provide for you and your family in the future, but you might not know how or have the time to do it yourself. That's where we come in, using customized portfolio design for your individual situation to help you meet your goals. We will provide guidance on growth, preservation, and income generation strategies as you need them, using our periodic meetings to make sure that we are adapting to the changes that come up in life.
  • If you have funds accumulated in old accounts, such as 401k plans, IRAs, brokerage accounts, annuities, and more, that can be confusing and overwhelming! We will help you get them organized, consolidated, and under control, not to mention easy to look up and see in one place online.
  • Has there been a sudden influx of money from an inheritance, sale of a home or business, or even a lucky lottery ticket? We'll help with a variety of investment strategies so you can make the most of the windfall.
Managed Amount Adviser Fee
(% of Managed Amount) **
Up to $500,000.00 0.75%
$500,001.00 to $1,000,000.00 0.70%
$1,000,001.00 to $2,000,000.00 0.65%
$2,000,001.00 and above 0.60%

** Additional fees may be incurred

  • The purpose of integrated financial planning is to define specific steps to take to help you reach your goals. Through a series of meetings we will work together to figure out what those goals truly are and collaborate on a strategy to meet them that fits your values and preferences. Also, goals can often conflict with each other and financial planning will help you to allocate your assets and income for best effect.
  • You can look forward to in depth and unbiased analysis, discussion, and recommendations designed to maximize your outcomes. Depending on your circumstances, planning may encompass Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Net Worth Analysis, and Investment Planning. In addition, after the plan is finalized, we are available, if you so choose, to support the process of implementing it, including helping to track the steps to take and coordinating with other advisors and professionals. Note if you choose to implement certain recommendations with us directly, additional fees or commissions will be applicable (see descriptions).
Payment Options
12 Monthly Payments Paid In Advance
$375.00 per month $4,200.00
Total $4,500.00  

** See Disclosures at bottom of the page

  • Insurance will help protect you and your family against calamities that can derail your hopes and dreams for the future. We will help you sort through the many different options for Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and Long Term Disability Insurance policies and find what works for your needs and budget. Costs will vary depending on the policy you purchase and your underwriting results. We are paid a commission from the issuing company you select and will provide ongoing service and support for years to come.

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